Precision Handmade

All Jiisuki Industries products are manually cared for. This means that manufacturing time is quite long compared to automated series production. However, we believe that love and care for each and every product is key to a happy sound. The modules are created in batches of limited numbers, from time to time. If you want to make sure you will not miss the next batch, you can place a pre-order in most stores, or directly from us. All aluminium front panels are engraved and milled by very skilled machines. The polycarbonate style panels are engraved and milled by hand, thus making them more unique, but at a slightly higher price. Aluminium is the default standard panel for all modules.


Jiisuki Industries was founded in 2011 with the goal to design new and creative products with a fair price tag. The idea was to let more people get started with modular synthesis, by introducing the Entryline series. Jiisuki Industries is a company with focus on audio and signal processing products, precision handmade to perfection. The main focus is synthesizer modules, which has an experimental feel to them, which intend to drive creativity and exploration.

The company is under a development phase, and has not started any sales of products. Stay tuned for updates!

Retro Products

In addition to eurorack synthesizer modules, Jiisuki Industries also work with creating interesting hardware for retro computers and video games. Currently, only one product is highlighted for your viewing pleasure, but stay tuned for more information and upcoming products.

C64 Diskette Drive

The C64Disk is an emulation of a C64 diskette station, with support for USB flash memory sticks. Any FAT formatted USB memory stick that contains any number of .d64 files can be connected to the drive, and the C64Disk will load the selected disk to an internal memory. The C64Disk flash drive emulates as much of a true disk as possible, all data sectors and internal firmware. When a disk file has been burned to the internal memory, the USB memory stick can be removed and the C64Disk will work as stand-alone. One button can be used to load the next disk in order on the USB memory stick, should be great for games requiring several disks, just hit the button when requested to change disk.



  • USB memory stick support for multiple disk images
  • Internal storage memory for stand-alone operation
  • Can store disks written from the C64 to USB memory and internal storage
  • IEC bus debug and test support
  • IEC bus communication data logging
  • Over-voltage protected IEC data inputs
  • Operates from 4.5V to 6V, 5V nominal
  • Planned power adapter to the C64 tape connector

The device follows the IEC transmission protocol, and works as a state machine. A flowchart of the transmission model is shown below;

IEC Transmission

Schematic/PCB Layout for Diptrace, Rev E, can be downloaded here: ZIP

Current development revision is Rev G. Downloads should be here shortly.

Synthesizer Products

The synthesizer modules are divided into three lines, specifying their intended target, complexity, quality and price tags. Entryline is designed for the beginner that is just starting out in compiling their eurorack system. The Baseline is the first step in expanding a simple system with more advanced and specialised products. People that are on a higher budget might find this line of modules more interesting than the Entryline when starting out. The products that are very experimental and most unique are placed in the Topline segment. These modules have excellent quality, and are often very complex in their design, therefore the Topline is the most expensive segment.


The Entryline modules are designed for people on a tight budget, or anyone wanting to jump-start into the area of modular synthesizers. The modules are very simple in design, and they will all be open source and available as DIY kits. This makes the modules low-cost and easy to distribute, meaning less waiting time between batches!


  • Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release Envelope (more..)
  • Dual Voltage Controlled Oscillator (more..)
  • Triple Voltage Controlled Amplifier (more..)
  • Passive Distribution Bus (more..)


The Baseline modules are intended as a gate into the wonderful world of modular synthesizers. The idea is that everyone should be able to start out playing with these amazing instruments. Baseline modules is build using a keeping it simple principle. This makes the modules low-cost, which is perfect for the entry musician. Some of the Baseline modules are, or will be, available as DIY-kits with full documentation, so you can build it yourself at a lower price!


  • MIDI to CV/Gate Interface (more..)
  • One-Shot 4-Position Sequencer (more..)


To spice things up in your rack, Jiisuki Industries has created the Topline module series as well. These modules has a more experimental feeling, and are designed at a deeper level than the Baseline modules. Of course, this affects pricing, so the Topline modules are intended for the user already initiated into the world of modular synths. These modules could pretty much be a good expansion to any existing rack out there.


  • Acoustic Tube Echogram Machine (more..)
  • PWM Voltage Controlled Amplifier (more..)

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