MIDI to CV/Gate Interface

Category: Special modules and Utility modules

The MIDI to control voltage and gate interface converts digital MIDI signals to analog CV and Gate signals. It can be configured quite alot. The default operation is one CV and one velocity sensitive gate output for channel 1 to 4. Any output can be either CV or Gate output. It can be configured to output gate signals depending on input note pitch, which is great for drum sequencing. Several modules can be interconnected behind the panels, so there is only a need for one MIDI cable. Each output can produce 0 to 8 V, meaning that you can get 8 octaves per channel out of this module. In gate mode, the output is limited in the range between 0 to 5 V, but can be extended to full reach.

The module receive MIDI commands through a regular MIDI cable. The module can be configured using free software (under Windows/Linux), which has a built-in preset library and it is easy to create custom presets. The module is configured by sending MIDI commands to the module, therefore custom configuration can be created for any operating system supporting MIDI. The module can be calibrated as well using MIDI commands, however a jumper needs to be removed on the back of the panel before powering up to enter calibration mode. Each note for each output can be adjusted in steps of around 2 mV, offering ver fine tuning. Channel 1 can be used to output a control voltage to the power bus board, while channel 5 can be used to output a gate on the bus. However, when sending on the bus, channel 1 and/or channel 5 need to be unconnected on the front panel, connecting a cable steals the bus link.


  • Category: Utility modules
  • Availability: Under development
  • Width: 10 HP/TE
  • Supply Type: 16-pin
  • Complexity: Medium/Hard

Open Source Information

This module is not open source.

General Warranty Agreement

Jiisuki Industries gives a 2-year warranty on all synthesizer modules and accessories and guarantees that it will be free of faults within this time period. The warranty does not cover any fault that has been caused by faulty operation or disregard to any instructions within the operating manual. The warranty does not cover error due to powering the module while still damp or wet after cleaning. The warranty does not cover any faults due to thunderstorms or other acts of nature. The warranty is limited for DIY kits, as Jiisuki Industries can not guarantee the build quality at the customer side. However, we will try our best to meet satisfaction. The warranty does not cover any faults on DIY-kits due to static discharge (ESD).

Jiisuki Industries does not pay for delivery cost for any warranty errands. The user have to pay postage to ensure that the module reaches Jiisuki Industries in a safe and sound manner. However, Jiisuki Industries does stand for the postage fee for the return journey to the customer. Jiisuki Industries can not stand liable for any damage caused to anyone, or anything by the use of any product.

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